About Periwinkle’s
Your town Friday visits Periwinkle’s

Periwinkle’s soda pop candy shop is a Lebanon, Indiana original retail shop. It started with the desire to bring families together in the downtown area to have fun and make lasting memories.Revitalizing downtown Lebanon may have been the start but the shop is now full of unique craft soda bottles and nostalgic candies in a neat mix & match serve yourself kinda joint. The sound of the candy boxes opening & closing with the rattling of glass soda bottles and the rancor of customers excitement along with the music mixed in the back ground truly make stopping in a must when you visit the town or to just get you’re goodie sack refilled with your favorites.

If you are looking for the best place to find a family of the most special, most unique, and the best tasting beverages you can imagine…
You have found your happy place!

We have over 100 varieties of craft sodas available in store.




Try our many uniquely favored craft sodas including Jelly Belly’s French Vanilla, all the varieties of Jones Soda, soda from Capone Family recipes, Cheerwine, Triple X Root Beer and more

The shop is run by some great people who are knowledgeable in the soda and candies that are carried within.



First there is Caren Glidewell. She is an upbeat out going personable free spirit who manages the shop during the week. Working directly with our customers one on one and designing and arranging very unique gifting ideas from artisan candy bouquets to gift boxes and gift packs.

Then we have Rachel Hancock. Who is like a fresh ocean breeze making periwinkle’s soda pop candy shop a cool place. She runs the shop in the afternoons, handles social media and is a talented young design artist who enjoys surprising you with beautiful gift arrangements and party candy buffets.

Lastly is John Krasowski aka “Professor Periwinkle”. He is the glue that holds it all together. He may be seen checking the solids content and taste profile of the newest soda to assisting Caren and Rachel with details of the next soda pop candy event. Periwinkle’s soda festival anyone? Schooled in the art of candy making and a soda pop aficionado; John enjoys talking candy & pop with everyone.